Under Julie’s leadership, King County Elections has adopted reforms and procedures to improve public confidence in our elections. She has and made it easier for our growing and diverse population to participate in democracy, and and has ensured our elections remain secure and accurate.


  • Added 56 new ballot drop boxes
  • Provided prepaid postage for ballot return envelopes
  • Implemented a state-of-the-art tabulation system for faster election results
  • Expanded voter education and outreach to historically marginalized communities
  • Conducted election audits in cyber security, process and procedures, compliance, and physical security
  • Added two new language options for election materials
  • Hosted regional candidate engagement workshops
  • Lobbied for same day voter registration, pre-registration of 16 and 17 year-olds, and automatic voter registration
  • Received national recognition for an excellent Get Out The Vote outreach campaign


  • Continue to ensure accurate, accessible, nonpartisan and secure elections
  • Continue targeted outreach to historically marginalized communities
  • Implement K-12 civics education
  • Provide regional vote centers
  • Create online ballot access
  • Continue to adapt cyber security measures to address threats
  • Review and modernize Voters Pamphlets
  • Review and expand language access